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Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair Review – Is it the Best Affordable Chair?

Duramont office chair

Chairs, specifically office chairs play a key role in the health of people who spend a long period of time sitting down and doing their jobs. Being seated in one pose can strain the spinal cord of the body. An ergonomically designed chair can help you to prevent any back injury, including lower back strain, …


Dell XPS 13 developer edition for programming – Is it the best coding laptop?

Dell XPS 13 developer edition for programming

Is Dell XPS 13 a best laptop for programming? Throughout this review we will have a glance at the Dell xps 13 Developer Edition 2020 laptop. In addition, We will also endeavor to figure out whether the Dell XPS 13 can be the best laptop for programming. Besides, I will also include all the information …

Python For Data Scientist - Python Tutorial

Best way to learn Python

Best way to learn Python

Do you want to learn python the right way? Then pay attention: Because when I started learning Python, I’ve gone through many tutorials but found that they are more confusing than helpful. Not only that, many online blogs and video tutorials keep creating the same crap content over and over without having expertise in that …

Office Chairs

Most comfortable office chair – comfy computer desk chair for study and work

Most comfortable office chair

No matter whether in the office, school or home, it is the fact that many people spend the vast majority of their day working in a sitting position. Due to this there is a growing amount of reports as well as a significant drop of reports about employee happiness and job satisfaction. There are plenty …

Office Chairs

Best Chair for Programmers – (By Tech Architect) 2021

Are you looking for best chair for programmers to work from home comfortably? Well, it is quite obvious that many developers often burn the candle at both ends to finish the project. If you are such a programmer who spend an enormous amount of time in front of a computer, then you need an office …

Spring Boot

Spring Boot Rest Example – Restful Webservices CRUD example

spring boot rest example

REST, or REpresentational State Transfer, is an architectural style to build applications by using APIs that allow the server to communicate with clients using the basic HTTP protocols. Why REST is popular:1. It allows the separation between the client and the server.2. It doesn’t rely on a single technology or programming language.3. You can build the …


Best Mouse For Programming (By Technical Architect) 2021

Are you looking for a best mouse for programming with an excellent quality to achieve optimal performance without spending too much money? Well, in this article, I am going to show you my compiled list of the best coding mouse available in the market. This list features the top 10 models which we think of …


Best Monitor For Programming (By Tech Lead) 2021

best monitor for programming

In this blog post, we will discuss about best monitor for programming for coding comfortably. The world of programming is a incredibly demanding job, requiring you to spend innumerable hours sitting at the computer and writing code, as well as debugging and fixing bugs that occur all the time. Whilst it seems to be the …

Office Chairs

Best Reclining Office Chair With Footrest – 2019

Best reclining office chair

At the time of working or playing games in front of the computer, having a quality reclining office chair is essential. And the good ergonomic chairs always have reclining backrest features which are essential to relax the user’s back. If you are not aware of what reclining office chair is, it is a chair whose …