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Best Ergonomic Chair – Top Chair For Lower Back Pain

Are you looking to find the best ergonomic chair but don’t know where to start?

Or perhaps you’re not even sure what an ergonomic chair really is?

Possibly you want to avoid back pain by getting a new comfy chair but currently don’t know which chair will be suitable for you?

See I get it, there is enormous information out there but it is more confusing rather helping.

However, I’ve got you covered…

If you read the whole of this guide today then you will know what is ergonomics and what are the best ergonomic chairs available in the market.

If you are a freelancer, programmer, data scientist or anyone who works at the desk for hours, then this guide is for you.

What is ergonomics?

The term ergonomics is composed of the ancient Greek words “érgon” and “nómos” which means work and law.

Fundamentally it says that working conditions should adapt to people, not the other way around!

The aim of the ergonomics is to create a good working atmosphere and to create the conditions in such a way that there should be the least possible health burden for people.

When it comes to a desk job where people sit at the front of the computers for 9-10 hours daily, the ergonomic design of the workplace is essential.

If you ask employees about the ergonomic design of the workplace then they will tell a good comfy chair, keyboard, mouse, display screen of computers are essential to work conveniently.

That’s the reason, this article is planned for the ergonomic chairs which are required to avoid back pain and increase productivity.

How to choose an ergonomic office chair

The ergonomic office chair is probably the most important thing when designing an ergonomic office.

You must be aware that an incorrect posture can lead to significant health problems.

back problems, herniated disc are not uncommon.

It is very important to know that each person has a different height, back, legs, arms, neck.

Therefore, your office chair must be adaptable or adjustable based on your needs.

That’s why while choosing an office chair you should focus on a few features like height and armrest adjustment options, seat tilt adjustment option, and the quality of the cushions.

Another essential feature of a comfy chair would be lumber support.

The lower back portion of the human body is very sensitive.

Lower back pain due to bad posture is very common among people whose job requires sitting at a desk all day.

Hence lumber support is another key characteristic that is important while deciding the best ergonomic chair.

Another key characteristic of a chair would be the chair material.

Many chairs are available in the market that comes with numerous adjustment options, lumbar support, etc.

However, when people buy them and start using them they will feel the chair is made using low-grade material.

Therefore, while finalizing an office chair you must inquire about product quality.

In addition to that you can also focus on a few additional features like breathable mesh, the number of wheels.

Best Ergonomic Chair

Herman Miller Embody Chair Review

There’s no doubt that Michigan based Herman Miller is one of the leaders in the office furniture industry.

As a company building every type of office furniture including office chair, workstation, stools, storage, etc.

Herman Miller has earned a reputation for building furniture that is exceptionally reliable, adjustable, and more comfortable than most others.

Features of Herman Miller Embody Chair
  • This chair is backed by Herman’s 12 years warranty.
  • Of course, you can adjust the height to get your thighs to form an angle of 90º or more with the ground.
  • This chair has great lower lumbar support that is designed to reduce the burden on the lower back.
  • An ergonomic chair must support the arm while working. Herman Miller Embody chair has the adjustable armrest that can go up, down, in, or out.

1. 12 years warranty
2. improves blood circulation and transfers further oxygen to the brain.
3. its “spine” automatically adapts to your body’s curve

1. Costlier

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair Review

If you’re in the market for a new ergonomic office chair, you may need to check out the premium class of office chairs from Steelcase.

These highly advanced chairs allow you to work comfortably than ever before.

In fact, you might even enjoy sitting and working without getting any back pain.

Features of Steelcase Gesture Office Chair
  • This chair has good build quality.
  • In an ergonomic chair, at least chair arms should be height adjustable. Steelcase Gesture’s armrests adjust perfectly.
  • This chair has five wheels that allow you to move effortlessly.

1. build quality is good.
2. Comfortable chair.
3. Adjustable armrest

1. This chair lacks lumbar adjustment support.

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair Review

This is an excellent choice for programmers, data scientists, and anybody else looking for a comfy chair for their workplace.

For the price point, it is so arduous to find anything more competent.

Duramont chair is perfect for someone who spends 8-10 hours daily in front of the computer.

It can also be helpful to avoid back pain or poor blood circulation.

Features of Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair
  • Being on a budget does not mean a low-quality product. Duramont chair is an excellent comfy office chair that features a breathable mesh back, the adjustable lumbar support.
  • This chair is easy to assemble. Just follow the simple instructions that come with this chair.
  • Comfy for office use.

1. Adjustable Lumbar Support.
2. Comfortable
3. High-quality product.
4. Budget Price

1. Seat cushions are a little uncomfortable.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is an exceptional all-round office chair for anyone who values comfort in an affordable chair.

This might be the best ergonomic chair on the list as far as the performance-to-price ratio goes.

Most people will appreciate Miller Aeron’s craftsmanship and it’s numerous adjustment options.

Features of Herman Miller Aeron Chair
  • This chair is a top-quality chair that packs many features including curved backrest, adjustable armrest.
  • Aeron is a robust, comfy, and ergonomic chair that allows you to work conveniently for hours.
  • Back Mesh is breathable and flexible to provide more comfort.
  • Made using recyclable materials.

1. Made in the USA.
2. 12 years of warranty.
3. excellent build quality.

1. Few color options.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair Review

Steelcase Leap Fabric Office Chair ranks the fifth in our list for the best ergonomic office chairs, due to the best features it holds.

Leap Fabric is a top-quality chair for anyone who works from 9 to 5 in the front of the computer.

Thanks to its LiveLumbar technology that helps you to avoid back pain and other health-related concerns.

Features of Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair
  • Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair is a heavy-duty ergonomic chair that comes with many features like a natural glide system, adjustable lumbar support, etc.
  • This chair is highly adjustable to fit your body.
  • Leap Fabric features LiveLumbar™ technology that moves with your back for consistent, dynamic support.

1. Liveback technology for comfort.
2. Scs indoor advantage certified.
3. Highly adjustable comfy chair.

1. High cost


In this article, we discussed the top 5 ergonomic chairs available in the market.

That chair comes with many features like the adjustable armrest, height, backrest to provide comfort while you work in front of the computer.

A few of them also come with adjustable lumbar support to avoid lower back pain and other health issues.