Best Ergonomic Chair – Top Chair For Lower Back Pain

Are you looking to find the best ergonomic chair but don’t know where to start?

Or perhaps you’re not even sure what an ergonomic chair really is?

Possibly you want to avoid back pain by getting a new comfy chair but currently don’t know which chair will be suitable for you?

See I get it, there is enormous information out there but it is more confusing rather helping.

However, I’ve got you covered…

If you read the whole of this guide today then you will know what is ergonomics and what are the best ergonomic chairs available in the market.

If you are a freelancer, programmer, data scientist or anyone who works at the desk for hours, then this guide is for you.

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What is ergonomics?

The term ergonomics is composed of the ancient Greek words “érgon” and “nómos” which means work and law.

Fundamentally it says that working conditions should adapt to people, not the other way around!

The aim of ergonomics is to create a good working atmosphere and to create the conditions in such a way that there should be the least possible health burden for people.

When it comes to a desk job where people sit at the front of the computers for 9-10 hours daily, the ergonomic design of the workplace is essential.

If you ask employees about the ergonomic design of the workplace then they will tell a good comfy chair, keyboard, mouse, display screen of computers are essential to work conveniently.

That’s the reason, this article is planned for the ergonomic chairs which are required to avoid back pain and increase productivity.

How to choose an ergonomic office chair

Although selecting the most comfortable office chair is not necessarily a daunting task, but it is quite possible to get lost in the technical aspects.

Well, this is where I would like to assist you.

I have compiled an overview of the top 10 ergonomic office chairs available in the USA, a simple and easy-to-use guide to find the ideal chair for your requirements.

Additionally, I have also included short reviews with videos and comparisons of the 5 most comfortable office chairs below the table.

You may also jump straight to the full reviews available in the section on our website, which also provides you a detailed and handy way to compare the various ergonomic products.

What to look for in an office chair 2020?

With an ergonomically designed chair, you can keep yourself in a comfortable position with the minimum amount of strain while maintaining a good posture.

On the other hand, there is more confusion than explanation due to the vast amount of contradictory information and reviews available on-line.

Ergonomic is a term that has become a common advertising buzzword that can be applied for any office chair out there, which makes it really complicated for any person buying an ergonomically designed office chair.

Best Ergonomic Chair

Herman Miller Embody Chair Review

There’s no doubt that Michigan based Herman Miller is one of the leaders in the office furniture industry.

Herman Miller Embody Office Chair
Herman Miller Embody Chair

As a company building every type of office furniture including office chair, workstation, stools, storage, etc.

Herman Miller has earned a reputation for building furniture that is exceptionally reliable, adjustable, and more comfortable than most others.

When you have full-time work involving being seated in front of a PC for extended hours, you will find yourself inevitably suffering from the resulting pain.

But what would happen if a chair would be available to relieve the pain somehow? Keep in mind that this isn’t a ten-dollar plastic chair that you find and buy online or on a TV shopping channel.

The Herman Miller Embody is an ergonomic office chair that was designed and built by a team of medical professionals. It is a chair that focuses on keeping your back pain free when you sit for more than four hours a day.

It is slightly pricier than an ordinary desk chair but we feel this is justified and will explain the reason behind it.

People talk about the importance of purchasing a comfortable office chair that offers proper lumbar support. On the other hand, when the chair is not right for your body, more harm might result than good.

The Embody enables the user to simply adjust the height and inclination of the back in order to achieve a position that suits your body shape ideally. This reduces the likelihood of straining your back while at work.

Besides, you can also customize the seat height, deactivate tilting functionality or adjust the height of the armrest. This is fairly cool, isn’t it? Next, let’s talk about the aesthetics.

There are 16 different color options available for this chair, ranging from classic black to eye-catching peacock tones. Not to worry – all colors have been fairly subdued and are perfectly adequate for office work.

These muted colors in combination with polyester fabric ensure to make the chair dirt and tear-proof.

You have probably already realized that this chair is not equipped with a headrest. This is deliberate – headrests contribute to a bad posture, and in addition, when did you use a headrest last time? In fact, we bet that after a week or so you will not even realize that it is missing.

The robust construction makes this model suitable for taller people too. It can handle 300 pounds of weight with ease, without difficulty. So it suits perfectly to your work environment.

We were quite overwhelmed with the Herman Miller Embody. It is a sturdy model with many great qualities that make it a real delight to sit in.

When it comes to your health, it is worth investing a bit more money. Injuries to your back are a lot easier getting than curing.

For this reason, it is recommended for anybody who is going to sit for a prolonged amount of time. As soon as you try it out, you will certainly never want to buy a lower-priced office chair ever again.

Features of Herman Miller Embody Chair
  • This chair is backed by Herman’s 12 years warranty.
  • Of course, you can adjust the height to get your thighs to form an angle of 90º or more with the ground.
  • This chair has great lower lumbar support that is designed to reduce the burden on the lower back.
  • An ergonomic chair must support the arm while working. Herman Miller Embody chair has the adjustable armrest that can go up, down, in, or out.

1. 12 years warranty
2. improves blood circulation and transfers further oxygen to the brain.
3. its “spine” automatically adapts to your body’s curve

1. Costlier

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair Review

If you’re in the market for a new ergonomic office chair, you may need to check out the premium class of office chairs from Steelcase.

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair
Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

These highly advanced chairs allow you to work comfortably than ever before.

The Steelcase gesture might be the right decision when you are in search of an ergonomic and comfortable chair that works well for a wide range of people.

Founded in 1912 under the name of Metal Office Furniture Company, Steelcase is a company dedicated to providing chairs for a wide range of users. The company’s first patent was for a metal wastebasket (Victor wastebasket) to improve the safety of office workers.

The company started developing distributor networks in 1919 to distribute its office furniture products in the USA. By 1954 the company’s name had changed to Steelcase Inc. while the brand continued to grow. Through 1998, Steelcase Inc. remained a publicly-traded organization.

The evolution of the Steelcase gesture was as unique as making the chair itself, from studying the human body to designing the chair. Steelcase aimed for a chair that would support its use no matter which product they were using.

In order to understand the user’s posture more accurately, they researched more than 2000 people from all over the world. Through their research, they discovered there are nine postures that can be supported by new advancements in technology. Since these new postures were not included in the currently available chairs, they created the Gesture Chair.

Steelcase gesture is an ergonomically designed office chair featuring a sleek design and state-of-the-art innovation to enable you to achieve maximum productivity.

Thanks to its solid construction, it is ideal for everyone. It can easily handle 300 lbs and has been designed for long-lasting use. In the event of any damage, there is a 12-year warranty. This will help to offset the significant upfront investment to some degree ensuring you will never ever work without an office chair.

The chair base has been covered for the lifespan of the original owner. All the mechanisms, air cylinders, arms, soft foam padding, and castors have been covered for a period of 12 years. 

And all Steelcase chairs have a 30-day money-back guarantee. It covers complimentary return shipping plus no return charges. In order to obtain a full refund, it is necessary that you return the chair in its original packing and in new condition.

With 4.6 out of 5 points, the Gesture Chair ranked second out of all tested chairs we tested. Some of the identical featured chairs are being sold for $1,000 or more, which clearly indicates that for premium quality, you will have to pay extra dollars. 

Another reason why we appreciate the Steelcase Gesture is the fact that it is delivered fully assembled. The only thing that you have to do is remove it from the packaging and take the chair off from the minimal packaging. If you ever are concerned about assembly, then this is definitely among one of the best items in this category, requiring no assembly at all.

Features of Steelcase Gesture Office Chair
  • This chair has good build quality.
  • In an ergonomic chair, at least chair arms should be height adjustable. Steelcase Gesture’s armrests adjust perfectly.
  • This chair has five wheels that allow you to move effortlessly.

1. build quality is good.
2. Comfortable chair.
3. Adjustable armrest

1. This chair lacks lumbar adjustment support.

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair Review

This is an excellent choice for programmers, data scientists, and anybody else looking for a comfy chair for their workplace.

For the price point, it is so arduous to find anything more competent.

Duramont chair is perfect for someone who spends 8-10 hours daily in front of the computer.

It can also be helpful to avoid back pain or poor blood circulation.

Features of Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair
  • Being on a budget does not mean a low-quality product. Duramont chair is an excellent comfy office chair that features a breathable mesh back, the adjustable lumbar support.
  • This chair is easy to assemble. Just follow the simple instructions that come with this chair.
  • Comfy for office use.

1. Adjustable Lumbar Support.
2. Comfortable
3. High-quality product.
4. Budget Price

1. Seat cushions are a little uncomfortable.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is an exceptional all-round office chair for anyone who values comfort in an affordable chair.

herman Miller Aeron Chair
Herman Miller Aeron Chair

This might be the best ergonomic chair on the list as far as the performance-to-price ratio goes.

Most people will appreciate Miller Aeron’s craftsmanship and it’s numerous adjustment options.

With the Herman Miller Aeron, you can enjoy a stylish, comfy and enduring chair. With its mesh backrest and comfortable cushioned seat, the Aeron provides a better alternative to the Gesture when you are working in a hot place or without AC.

The Aeron chair is crafted by Herman Miller. It is one of the world’ s oldest and best-selling brands of office furniture. Since 1923 Herman Miller is in the business. Formerly known as Michigan Star Furniture Company, it was primarily focusing on home furniture. In 1905 the Michigan Star Furniture Company was established and in 1923 it was acquired by De Pree. De Pree joined the organization as an employee in 1909. With the assistance from his father-in-law, Herman Miller, De Pree took over the Michigan Star Furniture Company. De Pree decided to rename this company to Herman Miller as a sign of respect for his father-in-law.

Herman Miller battled through the great depression and eventually settled in the office furniture business. The company soon gained a reputation for bringing in renowned designers while focussing on both progressive and industrial design.

If you are essentially searching for a high-quality office chair that offers you ergonomic positioning and is suited on your desk for hours of sitting and typing, then the Aeron is for you. However, the Aeron’s armrests do not have the same degree of adjustment as the Gesture. This makes the chair not as adaptable for a range of activities requiring an armrest, such as holding a tablet for reading.

The Herman Miller Aeron boasts one of the highest quality workmanship levels of any chair we have reviewed. There has been a tremendous amount of consideration for the construction of the Aeron. The construction of the Aeron is all top class. It is manufactured in the USA with top quality materials. Everything used in the Aeron is of high quality.

Most of the components of the Aeron have been designed and made especially for the Aeron. This isn’t a chair that has been fitted together using generic pieces which are used for numerous other models of chairs. Both the fit and finish are superb in the Aeron. All the components perfectly fit each other. No wobbles and no unpleasant gaps. 

On the Aeron chair, Herman Miller extends a 12-year warranty. No parts in the chair have been excluded from the 12-year period. All parts are covered by warranty for 24/7 hours use. For the size A model, 300 lbs is covered. Sizes B and C are for people up to 350 lbs covered.

In the event that a chair needs repair, Herman Miller will bear the cost. They will send field technicians to do repairs, based on what is required and location. The Herman Miller warranty policy is one of the most comprehensive you will find throughout the entire office-industry.

Features of Herman Miller Aeron Chair
  • This chair is a top-quality chair that packs many features including curved backrest, adjustable armrest.
  • Aeron is a robust, comfy, and ergonomic chair that allows you to work conveniently for hours.
  • Back Mesh is breathable and flexible to provide more comfort.
  • Made using recyclable materials.

1. Made in the USA.
2. 12 years of warranty.
3. excellent build quality.

1. Few color options.

Haworth Zody High-Performance Office Chair

Haworth Zody High Performance Office Chair with Ergonomic Adjustments
Haworth Zody High-Performance Office Chair with Ergonomic Adjustments 

Are you thinking of upgrading your office? 

Perhaps the current office chair is just not enough for you. When looking for ergonomic convenience, then the Haworth Zody work chair is potentially a great choice. All right, then let’s take a look at all the stuff that you need to know about the Zody.

I spend most of my time in front of my laptop screen. While I try to occasionally get off from time to time, the majority of us are still spending considerable time sitting while they are working. And if you are sitting, you might want to invest in a really good office chair. Luckily, Haworth has got you covered.

When I looked at the specification of the Haworth Zody Task Chair for my home office, I can honestly say that this is the most convenient and comfortable office chair that I have ever seen. After working in many different offices and having used everything from inexpensive department chairs to an expensively branded Herman Miller Aeron, there is nothing that can really compare to the Zody.

Haworth invested years in designing and constructing each and every single aspect of the Zody, and their efforts have clearly paid off. The chair can accommodate most people and features several adjustments options to fit most of the body types.

It’s great. Isn’t it?.

If you seek ultimate work comfort from your work chair, then the Haworth Zody is probably the right chair to choose from. In fact, the Haworth Zody may be the first chair to be endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

The members of the APTA evaluated the chair in terms of the physical usefulness for the user, the efficiency and the cost of the chair. In addition, the Zody has won numerous other awards, including a gold product award at NeoCon Canada and a good design award.

When developing the Haworth Zody chair, Haworth endeavored to balance science-based concepts of well-being and comfort. Many reviewers approached the Haworth Zody after they had a bad back in another chair.

It is the only chair that features asymmetrical back support. In other words, you can independently set up the lumbar support on both the left and right sides of your back. The mesh backrest on the chair keeps you cool and offers additional support for extended working hours.

Although you may not notice the difference in the level of comfort, this feature is a major benefit for people with a troublesome back. It also features PAL®, a unique revolutionary back support system that offers you passive pelvic assistance.

The Zody provides many other helpful adjustment possibilities for those customers not requiring asymmetrical lumbar support or having a bad back.

For example, you can find a mechanism for seat extension, adjustable armrests and rotation points, adjustable seat height and many more. Though appearing to be smaller than many office chairs, the adjustability of the Zody allows the chair to look and feel more roomy and commodious than it seems.

Over and above being comfortable and well-supported, Haworth went beyond the extreme and has built their chairs using up to 51% recycled materials at a zero-waste plant here in the USA.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair Review

Steelcase Leap Fabric Office Chair ranks the sixth in our list for the best ergonomic office chairs, due to the best features it holds.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair
Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

Leap Fabric is a top-quality chair for anyone who works from 9 to 5 in the front of the computer.

Thanks to its LiveLumbar technology that helps you to avoid back pain and other health-related concerns.

Let’s have a look at Steelcase’s flagship chair, The Steelcase Leap. This is their top-selling product, so after researching and trying it out, you can easily understand why.

Designed to deliver the ultimate seating experience in the work environment. It incorporates a series of tricks that can simplify your life, we will explore these in greater depth in the following.

You will find out that the armrests of this chair perform exactly that you would ever need. The arms can move up and down, and backward and forwards, as well as being able to tilt in or out.

Weighing 45.8 pounds, the leap features a built-in seat that can be lifted or lowered by as much as 5 inches. Being only 24.8 inches deep and 27 inches wide, these seats are designed on the basis that it should be able to fit in most offices and at almost any desk.

The Steelcase Leap Chairs have dozens of color choices in either fabric or leather, allowing you to customize this chair to compliment any kind of interior color scheme or design in an office. The colors vary from plain black, through light orange and yellows, to deep blue as well as gray if you opt for fabric covers, whereas the leather is more limited to the neutral and darker colors.

You can choose between polished aluminum, platinum or black for the frame, all of which will look stylish when combined into the overall design of the chair. In addition, you can select the arm, headrest and castor design to match the Steelcase Leap to the requirements for your office. You may even opt for a taller version of the chair design featuring a circular footrest at the bottom if it suits you better in the office. Being able to customize so umpteen different parts of an office chair is great. Isn’t it?

Made of polyurethane foam, both the backrest and the cushion ensure an excellent combination of comfort and cushioning. Moreover, since the material used in the cushions are very durable, they can maintain their shape during the whole working day, which might not be possible with less expensive office chairs. The Steelcase Leap chairs can support a maximum of 300 pounds while maintaining high performance.

A good quality work chair requires a high level of comfort for your spine, and this is where the Leap office chair stands out. For example, You can adjust the level of support for your lower back and you can adjust for mid-back area support.

There is one intriguing feature of the Steelcase Leap that enables you to remove the arms from the chair entirely while maintaining its stability. Furthermore, if parts wear out after a couple of years, they can be ordered from an authorized Steelcase dealer.

When you buy this chair, remember that the chair has a limited lifelong warranty, making sure that this could potentially be the last one you ever have to buy.

Good to know there are companies that are eco-friendly. We were pleased to discover that the chair is 98% recyclable. It also contains 30% of recycled content which makes the chair environmentally acceptable.

Features of Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair
  • Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair is a heavy-duty ergonomic chair that comes with many features like a natural glide system, adjustable lumbar support, etc.
  • This chair is highly adjustable to fit your body.
  • Leap Fabric features LiveLumbar™ technology that moves with your back for consistent, dynamic support.

1. Liveback technology for comfort.
2. Scs indoor advantage certified.
3. Highly adjustable comfy chair.

1. High cost

Herman Miller Sayl Review

Designed by Yves Behar, Sayl is the newest design from the offices of Yves Behar, an internationally acclaimed and highly successful designer based in San Francisco. This chair is beautiful, utterly unique and completely affordable.

Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair
Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair 

With the innovative SAYL office chair from Herman Miller, you have comfort that is designed to meet all your individual needs. The rimless frame of the back is completely devoid of hard edges and can bend freely to provide maximum comfort, flexibility, and ergonomic posture. Furthermore, the seat features Elastolex foam and fabric which provides cushioning that adjusts to your body shape.

The intelligent 3D suspension technology ensures there is more support in specific zones that need more support, for example in the lumbar regions. Adjustable hinge points enable the lumbar areas of the back to bend and promote the healthy pelvic rotation ahead while reducing the stress in other areas of the back encourages total postural support.

There are no armrests in the base model. While this may sound like a relatively insignificant complaint, the reality on the ground is they are crucial to maintain a healthy working posture. If you opt for the armrests, they will allow you to freely move arms in both directions, both horizontally and vertically, something really nice.

In addition, the Sayl is equipped with a tilt limiter as well as a forward tilt feature. You can hardly notice the forward tilt function on high-end chairs, which makes it definitely a desirable complement. Furthermore, it is possible for you to adjust the seat depth, something normally present in the most expensive models available in the market. 

I wonder about the durability and lifespan of an office chair. About 3 years? 5 years? Well, the Herman Miller Sayl comes with a 12-year warranty. In other words, when you purchase it today, the warranty expires in 2032 – By then, no doubt that the world will probably change, but certainly your chair will remain the same. Oh, my God, that is brilliant!

This chair could be helpful to you if you are the sort of person who spends considerable amounts of time sitting. The Sayl offers excellent lumbar support, and it is broadly customizable with a striking appearance that conveys some kind of message: Like no other office, this one is occupied by people willing and able to try new, exciting things. These people deserve to have the coolest chair, and the Herman Miller Sayl certainly is right there.

Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair

Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair
Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair

For instance, if you are a desk clerk or software developer, then you might need to sit in a chair for at least five days a week.

In addition, an uncomfortable office chair can lead to a range of problems affecting both your upper and lower back, which can also have a huge impact on productivity at work. With hundreds of models available in the market, getting the right ergonomic chair can be difficult.

Serta is famous not only for its extensive range of mattresses and sprung bed frames, with their groundbreaking range of ergonomic office chairs, they are also breaking new ground with their low price and heavy-duty cushion design.

By a company that specializes in products that are designed to bring excellent sleeping comfort to the consumers, no wonder that they designed their own unique line of innovative ergonomic office chairs that will enable people to sit comfortably at their desks for prolonged time periods.


In this article, we discussed the top 5 ergonomic chairs available in the market.

That chair comes with many features like the adjustable armrest, height, backrest to provide comfort while you work in front of the computer.

A few of them also come with adjustable lumbar support to avoid lower back pain and other health issues.

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