Best Keyboard For Programming By Tech Architect – 2022

best keyboard for programming

In this post I am going to best keyboard for programming in 2022 ?

Also I will tell you whether mechanical keyboard is good for programming or not?.

Along with the list of top 10 programming keyboards, I will also add the short reviews of those keyboards.

So, let’s get started

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Best Keyboard For Programming

Best Programming Keyboard

Das Smart Mechanical Keyboard for Programming

Das Smart Mechanical Keyboard is one of the best keyboard for programming.

Software developers usually devote the vast majority of their time and effort working on a computer to design, develop, and test software. Therefore it is essential to have the most advanced mechanical keyboard as one of the key pieces in their programming toolkit. A coder can not simply pick a keyboard in the hope that it will do the job. He or she would need one that will simplify their work.

Das Smart Mechanical Keyboard for Coding

With a coding keyboard which is especially designed for programmers, you can write and test the program effortlessly. It also allows you to conveniently access the most frequently used application on their computer.

Having a great keyboard ought to reduce the frequency of using the mouse and consequently boost your productivity.

When it comes to programming, the best mechanical keyboard available on the market is the most rugged keyboard. Das smart mechanical keyboard features a sturdy aluminum panel, making it ideal for geeks. It can bear considerable strain, which means it won’t easily break even if it falls from your desk.

This keyboard deviates from the standard Cherry MX switches that we are used to and instead employs Gamma-Zulu switches. According to them, such switches can last for about 100 million keystrokes. That is approximately two times of MX. The switches have a softer feel, like a fusion between the black and brown Cherry MX switches.

One of the coolest low-profile keyboards available, this keyboard also offers a wrist rest. This is really comfy to use and makes typing a bit more rapid. There’ s even a volume control and three dedicated media keys in the upper right corner which are also very useful for controlling media in your PC. More importantly, you can assign any of the 12 function keys for other purposes.

With the Das mechanical programming keyboard, you can program with the IFTT (‘IF THIS THEN THAT’) protocol. It allows you to specify the different keys to notify you when something happens online or in your area. You can also set the blinking keys to alert in case your phone rings. In addition, it is possible to specify that you should be notified if there is a recent comment on a thread which you are following in a stack overflow.

  • Dual-port high-speed USB 2.0 hub
  • Heavy-duty black anodized aluminum top panel
  • Industry leading brown Soft Touch Cherry MX RGB switches
  • No major cons

Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Keyboard

Since its launch in 2010, the Razer Blackwidow series keyboard has undergone quite a few improvements. However, in essence this keyboard is always aimed at being the perfect keyboard for coding and gaming. The Razer Blackwidow keyboard neither saves money nor accepts any compromises. This keyboard is a preferred by both programmers and gamers equally.

Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Keyboard for Programming

They have recently released their newest edition of their beloved keyboard called Blackwidow Elite, which features handy enhancements including a media dial as well as an upgraded body.

Most importantly, the Razer BlackWidow Elite is designed to be fully and effortlessly integrated with some of the most exciting and demanding games. The Razer BlackWidow Elite seamlessly synchronizes with Razor hardware and delivers stunning game-play when connected to the Razer Chroma keyboard via the provided Philips Hue lamps. The keyboard is compatible with the equipment from up to thirty partners and its back-lit keys support a robust 16.8 million colors.


In the past, the Razer was labelled as a manufacturer focusing on glossy lights and gimmicks. However, this is just not true with the Razer BlackWidow Elite. Well, it has plenty of brilliant lights and gimmicks, but it remains a superbly efficient keyboard, particularly for the coders and gamers.

You cannot simply neglect the Chroma RGB backlight which looks fabulous – but the aim here is not just about being pretty. It comes with a variety of key switch options, that are proprietary (doesn’t comes with industry-standard Cherry MX switches), yet deliver outstanding performance. The palm rest is simple but very comfortable. Moreover this keyboard also features a USB pass-through and 3.5 mm headphone ports. When you add these special media controls, you have indeed a very alluring option.

When it comes to software, the bundled software is not very elegant. However, on balance, you get a fantastic keyboard for programming as well as typing, covering almost everything you would need in a modern mechanical keyboard.


  1. A Signature mechanical switches for games: The Razer Green switch delivers a satisfying clicking sound at 50G actuation force, which is convenient for typing and gaming with maximum accuracy.
  2. Enjoy seamless synchronization with favorite games, including Razer hardware, the Philips Hue and gear from more than 30 partners. Moreover this keyboard also supports 16.8 million supported colors on individually illuminated buttons.
  3. With Razer Hypershift, all keys and key shortcuts can be re-assigned for executing intricate commands
  4. This keyboard is constructed out of military grade metal plate.


Despite all these nifty features, Razer BlackWidow Elite is completely programmable which enables re-assignment of shortcuts using the Razer Hypershift panel.

Moreover, the Razer BlackWidow Elite was awarded as the best keyboard of the year in 2019. Featuring both ergonomic design as well as a magnetic palm rest to ensure added convenience during long coding and gaming sessions.

The Blackwidow Elite is a full-sized keyboard, which means it is not an ideal choice for travel, however, it is far from being the bulkiest full-sized keyboard you will ever see. because there aren’t any additional keys or disruptive features that require unnecessary space

  • Splendid performance during the coding session
  • Programmable macros
  • long-lasting construction
  • The provided software is not quite elegant


Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE Mechanical RAPIDFIRE Gaming Keyboard

Coming in at number 4, it is CORSAIR K70 MK.2.

The K 70 is no stranger to my top 5 lists and it’s found a place among the best with just about every variation of the keyboard.

The CORSAIR K70 comes in two variations. One is regular and another is a special edition.

Best Ergonomic Keyboard For Software Developer

Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard (KB600) – Is this the best mechanical keyboard?

Nowadays there are many programmers opting to use mechanical keyboards during their daily work. A mechanical keyboard features the physical, quick-acting switches beneath every key, ensuring amazing endurance as well as satisfying tactile feedback.

Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard for Programmers

However, getting quality mechanical keyboards can be a daunting endeavor.

When buying a best keyboard for programming, the most important aspect to keep in mind is the ergonomics. As you”ll use the keyboard all day and night, we recommend that you ensure that the keyboard feels convenient during use. Its keys need to be appropriately sized, so if you have the ability to tilt the keyboard-and it includes a palm rest, so much the better.

When you use a keyboard that is uncomfortable or unfit for typing, you risk suffering RSI, which can become quite serious.

Having a keyboard that is suited well to your needs might help you increase efficiency. It allows you work longer periods of time without experiencing any strain.

Designed with a curved design, the Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard lets you place your fingers comfortably over the Home keys. If you often suffer from wrist pain, I would recommend you use the Kinesis Advantage2. It features an unrivaled design that includes various features that enable you to comfortably operate the keyboard all day long.

Its keyboard has been divided in two parts and is contoured on each side of the keyboard. Plus, the split keyboard layout helps you keep hands shoulder-width apart to reduce strain. The CTRL, Enter, and Space bar are located in the right panel, while the Backspace, Delete, and Alt buttons can be found on the left panel.

In addition, it has 20 degrees of tent for enhanced ergonomics as well as a proprietary design which has been proved to enhance both comfort and efficiency.

Featuring authentic mechanical keys for an amazing tactile feel, the Kinesis Advantage2 ergonomic keyboard has been designed to handle 50 million key presses for many years of use. You can opt for brown low force MX keys or choose red silent MX keys. It features two-layered QWERTZ or Dvorak designs allowing you to select which you prefer.


For nearly 30 years, the Kinesis group has been designing and producing top quality ergonomic keyboards. Featuring the patented contoured shape plus low-impact key switches which are designed to minimize potential health hazards, the Kinesis’ Advantage2 offers an ergonomic keyboard design that is easy to use. Featuring a powerful smart set programming engine, you can customize your keyboard to boost the productivity level.

Its fully interoperable with Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS as well as Linux machines with driver-less installation and one-key Windows, Mac and PC modes. It enables you to remapping keys, assign macros, as well as store preferences and changes directly in the keyboard, ensuring the settings stay the same no matter which computer you use.

The truth is typing is quite difficult with this keyboard and it may need a little time before you get used to typing with your normal speed again. However, if you’ re experiencing major difficulties getting used to the layout, then the keyboard has a smart programming engine with a built-in re-mapping feature that lets you switch keys.

  • An ergonomically designed shape which has been demonstrated to enhance both convenience and productivity.
  • True mechanical cherry switches that provide outstanding feel and superior performance .
  • Three years manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The absence of backlit keys
  • It is quite bulky and occupies more space on your desk than many keyboards listed above.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business 

Although the idea behind ergonomic keyboards has not born yesterday. It has existed for a fairly long time. However, the countless trials and experiments to make a good ergonomic keyboard have never really succeeded. However, Microsoft’s Sculpt keyboard keeps pushing the trend, with many things being done fairly well.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business

Developed by Microsoft, the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard has proven to be a great office-grade keyboard that is designed for people who are more prone to repetitive strain injuries. With its split keyboard layout and inverted tilt, it encourages more natural typing positions to help relieve pressure from your wrists.

The ergonomic Microsoft Sculpt keyboard is 3.6 cm x 39.2 cm x 20.9 cm (H x W x D) and weights 2.0 lbs. It is quite spacious because the palm rests are built-in and not detachable. With the NumPad supplied as a separate part, it is easy and convenient enough to put it anywhere you want. Moreover, the keyboard is supplied with a tilt riser that attaches to the keyboard magnetically, which significantly raises the keyboard’s height. For optimal positioning, Microsoft encourages people to use the tilt riser for the best ergonomic positioning. Yet, you can still enjoy using the keyboard without it.

Although this keyboard is good for programmers, yet it will require a while to become accustomed with the keyboard’s shape. Initially, you probably notice that the typing speed will decrease, hence you will have to put some effort in this area. Essentially, this keyboard is divided in the middle. This means you will adapt fairly soon to the keyboard in case you are a quick two-hand typist, but apart from that, you might experience a bit of difficulty.

A good thing that makes this keyboard suitable from an RSI perspective is its palm rest. In fact, being large enough and especially higher than the keyboard, ensures that your fingers are indeed a bit lower then your wrist. I think this is really handy as you don’t force up your wrist as you would do with regular, flat keyboards. Since the keyboard is pointing downwards from either side, you keep up the natural alignment with your wrists while typing.

Note that only a wireless USB receiver can be used for the connection, which means you won’t be allowed to connect multiple devices. And there’ s absolutely no backlight because it operates on single-use batteries and although most of the keys work on MacOS and Linux, it is entirely Windows compatible.

Finally, if you have a budget to spare, you might like to try a few improved Keyboard options, specifically when you need the capability to link multiple devices


The Microsoft Sculpt is ideally adequate for use in the office. Owing to the ergonomic design it enables the user to type throughout the entire working day without causing tiredness.

The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard, which has been a favorite choice over the years has a split, contoured shape that allows you to rest your wrists and elbows more naturally. From the cushioned palm rest to the contoured keys mimicking your finger shape for maximum comfort.

In addition, a separate numpad allows you to place it in a more convenient position depending on your need.

For those on a tighter budget, have a look at the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard. Its split keyboard design looks very similar to the wireless Logitech ERGO K860 split keyboard. Except that the NumPad is shipped separately so you can easily put it anywhere.

ErgoDox EZ keyboard

In the software world, ergonomically designed keyboards are worthy of a bit more attention, and the ErgoDox EZ is a perfect example of why. Besides helping to prevent awkward hand and wrist strain, with its nicely crafted housing, detachable switch design as well as 32 programmable keys, this ergonomic design also makes the EZ one of the best-in-class coding keyboards available in the market.

ErgoDox EZ

ErgoDox EZ turns out to be a stunning keyboard to be used in the office. Whilst its layout and all adjustment features may take you a bit of getting used to, it offers enormous comfort and provides outstanding writing comfort altogether. It aims to allow users to keep coding comfortably with minimal wrist strain and finger movement the entire day.

This high performance keyboard offers the most versatility we have encountered, and its value depends solely on the degree in which you can dive into its numerous features. Of course, the keyboard belongs to a special category, and it doesn’t cheap either, although when you want new and exciting stuff that will certainly bring benefits when it comes to performance, then you don’t have to dig a lot beyond the ErgoDoz EZ.

There are two separate halves in the ErgoDox EZ, yet you can separate them pretty much apart by design, which means they use more room than the typical keyboard. On the other hand, there is a connecting cable of about 70 cm in length connecting the two halves. It will take up a little extra room as well if you’ re going to use the wrist-rest provided.

Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

USA Filco Ninja Majestouch-2, Tenkeyless

At this moment Filco ranks among the top producers of the mechanical keyboards available in the market. Indeed, each of its products has its own distinctive characteristic. Filco Ninja Majestouch 2 for instance is among their most popular products.

USA Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 Keyboard for Programming

It features an empty key cap ( labels are kept, but only at the sides), making them very appealing for programmers. Nevertheless, for most programmers, the faded keystrokes can be a frequent issue. In addition, being accurate typists, they will remember nearly all key placement on the keyboard, so labels on keycaps shouldn’t be so critical.

The Filco Ninja Majestouch’s workmanship is made of plastic, which isn’t one of the finest choices in terms of materials, but is sturdy. The surface is also tough and the key caps are sleek and sturdy, making them ideal for long periods of typing. The switches are mechanical and are driven by the Cherry MX series. The switches have a tactile feel, crispness and satisfying resonance.

However, this keyboard is not entirely backlighted and only three keys receive this treatment: the Caps Lock key, Number key, and the scroll key. Overall, it has a total 87 keys altogether and features the standard US-ASCII keyboard layout, though this can easily be exchanged if required. If you wish for a different keyboard layout, you can use the FILCO Key Puller for switching keys.

And last but not least, the Futura italic font which Filco uses provides an edge over the dull fonts used by other keyboard makers. The buttons are classy and stylish so that even the most pedantic of aesthetes would appreciate it.

If you prefer having a numpad, you can purchase the full version of the Majestouch-2 or buy a separate numpad optionally, that can be positioned on the right side of your mouse, for example. Finally, if you prefer the sleek, all-black look, then Filco produces the stunning Ninja, a light-absorbent keyboard with side printed lettering.


Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 can be considered one of the most sophisticated mechanical keyboards available to the programmers. The keyboard supports Full USB N-Key Rollover. So the number number of keys you can press simultaneously has no limit. Each and every key stroke will be accurately captured. This is useful for both gamers and programmers, since they often use large numbers of shortcuts when coding.

With Filco Ninja Majestouch 2, the keycaps at the front are almost empty with an attractive appearance. This eliminates the problem associated with fading labels. While coders typically are very accurate writers, the faded labels on the keyboard does not appear nice.

The sturdy housing as well as slick keycaps requires an excellent quality of workmanship. This keyboard is also available with the switches Cherry MX Brown and Blue as well as with the option of Full Size or Tenkeyless. Although I like the full-size model, if you would like to bring it along with you on the journey, TKN would be a perfect bet. The model only weighs 2.2 lbs and requires little space.


Finally, the Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 from the United States is worth checking out when you like a solid keyboard which avoids the flashy flamboyance of gaming keyboards like Razer’s. While this keyboard may not come from a reputable manufacturer, it deserves your attention immediately.

You won’t encounter a lot of quirks here, yet this is a keyboard that earns its worth by incorporating some of the most sophisticated as well as minimalist designs available in today’s market. With blue, red, black and brown Cherry MX switches available, you can choose a version that matches your input settings.

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard for Programming

CM Storm is a well-known brand for mechanical keyboards. They have products which are reasonably priced and offer excellent performance. Furthermore CM Storm QuickFire Rapid are amongst their most popular products.

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard for Programming

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid is equipped with many switch options including Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Green, Cherry MX Red. As any programming keyboard which I select, this one is no gimmick: It has a clean design and workmanship.

Since this kind of switches records a keystroke before it reaches the bottom, so you could type faster with less force. Also the keys of this keyboard feature the laser-etched design, that means they will withstand the entire pounding without wear and tear.


QuickFire Rapid is a fairly compact and handy keyboard. It is similar like the previous model in this list, without a number pad to the right. However, quite many people don’t use it, so I guess that it isn’t absolutely required. Moreover, the keyboard is lightweight and weights only 2 lbs.

When you compare this to larger keyboards, it is pretty light, as most of them weight over 3 lbs. The keyboard comes with a white backlight, and you can customize a lot of different stuff in the preferences. Of course, it is possible to select from brightness to back-lighting. You can even turn it on after pressing the key, which is amazing if you ask me.

Overall, you”ll enjoy a sleek, uncluttered appearance with superior performance. It provides several options for switches including Cherry MX Brown / Blue / Green / Red. Cherry MX buttons deliver a solid response and are ideal to those programmers who like precision and convenience.

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid is capable to support NKRO with PS / 2 and 6 KRO via USB. With the N-Key rollover capability, it ensures that every key will be scanned independently and correctly recorded, regardless of how many keys are inadvertently pressed at one time.

The laser-marked key caps are also extremely long-lasting so they can be replaced when required. Along with the product, several additional keycaps and a keycap puller are also included.

It also features multimedia controls and a removable braided USB cord with a cable routing. So if you want, you can route the cable to the left, right or back. So programmers who enjoy to play games have a nice feature: to turn off Windows keys by using a dedicated switch.

All in all, it is quite the perfect mechanical keyboard for the novice. Finally, I would recommend QuickFire Rapid instead of using high priced mechanical keyboards in case you are relatively new to mechanical keyboards and would like to give them a try.


The CM Storm QuickFire Rapid keyboard is the most affordable mechanical keyboard featuring Cherry MX switches and a sturdy build. QuickFire Rapid derives from a renowned manufacturer and is one of the best-selling in its class. You can get it in both TKL and full-size models to fully meet your needs.

To ensure the typing experience is long-lasting as well as distinctive, CM Storm uses Cherry MX Blue switches with an operating force of 50g. These switches emit a tactile bump as well as an acoustic click that informs you when the key has been registered. In addition, the keyboard comes with the red, brown and green Cherry MX switches.

The CM Storm Quickfire Rapid is a remarkable blend of convenient typing and impeccable performance. Fitted with Cherry MX switches, CM Storm has the best mechanical hardware with the capability to respond swiftly.

Finally, for those who have a compact workspace, the CM Storm is the ideal tenkeyless keyboard that brings a great blend of capabilities together in one handy unit.

Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G Pro is a TenKeyless mechanical gaming keyboard that comes with the magnificent build quality.

If you are not aware TenKeyLess keyboard, it means a keyboard without the Numpad (ten-key).

Although Numpad is useful, programmers generally don’t require those extra number keys.

The smaller, compact design provides you more space to move your mouse which is essential for programmers and graphics designers.

Logitech G Pro seems like a really solid laptop and has some remarkably good weight.

It has a nice slim bezel on three sides but the super large area at the top with tons of void space that was kind of bothersome to me.

The only things populating this area are an illuminated G logo above the Escape key and some dedicated buttons for brightness that seemed to me to be less than necessary.

Removing these would have made the board much slimmer and cleaner looking

Logitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech software recently got an overhaul and is quite powerful now letting you do a whole lot with the keyboard.

In terms of extras, there’s nothing else that comes with the board except for the cable and the keyboard itself.

On a hundred and eight bucks it’s a solid TenKeyless gaming keyboard with the superb build quality and good companion software.

60 Mechanical Keyboard for Programming

Happy Hacking Professional2 Keyboard

With its non-traditional design, The Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 appeals to a wide variety of programmers and copywriters seeking absolute minimalism in a premium quality keyboard.

Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2 for Coding

Actually, the keyboard was designed by the japanese computer pioneer Eiiti Wada. He attempted to create a professional keyboard in 1996 by reducing number of keys down to only 60 and eliminating all the keys he felt were either useless or irrelevant. As a result, he created an initial Happy Hacking Professional series that has gained iconic success over the years.

A HHKB Pro2 has a compact, sleek design which looks fabulous on a desk. The decent black / dark grey color theme lends it a classical and minimalist look. Additionally, there are printed keycaps which are visually pleasing.

Another advantage of using this keyboard is that it pursues very clean and minimalist aesthetics. In addition to the numerical keypad, both the navigation keys as well as the function keys are placed on top of it which makes this keyboard appear to be smaller than the Tenkeyless keyboard. Also, by the way, one of the very first things that you will notice about this keyboard is how much less strain will put on my hands when typing. Another good part is that they have not attempted to reduce the size of the keys.

One of the most important aspects contributing towards the excellent credentials enjoyed by the HHKB are its key switches. Their key response is instantaneous, presumably owing to the use of top quality topre switches. It is less noisy than the regular keyboards, since the topre switches are rather a fusion of the membrane and mechanical keyboards.

Nevertheless, as soon as you start typing, you will realize that a few keys are missing.

You have got twenty-six letters, the digits 0-9, 11 punctuation marks, and then Esc, Tab, Control, 2 Shifts, 2 Alts, the Space bar, the Return, and FN, as well as Delete.

Well, perhaps it sounds sufficient – but it doesn’t. In fact, if you forget the convenience of using backspace (instead of using FN + Del for backspace) and the arrow keys to help you navigate. But once they are gone, you really miss them terribly.

While it was made for programmers, the HHKB is non-programmable: there is no custom firmware, no re-assignment of onboard keys. Considering the costs of the HHKB, that is disappointing.

Finally, this keyboard has been designed to be totally interoperable with both PC and Mac. For portability, the 1.8 meter long cable is detachable.


Although this keyboard is for programmers, but is also excellent for all writers. It eliminates conventional arrow keys and uses function keys and shortcuts for doing the job instead. This keyboard may take some time to become accustomed to, but as soon as you have gotten it out of the way, its compact design will be a big asset as you will be free to carry it with you no matter where you go.

Besides being yet another gadget that will appeal to programmers, the HHKB Pro2 is the fruit of rigorous research and a joint effort with Professor Eiiti Wada, a well-known Japanese computer scientist.

Thanks to the compact design featuring 60 keys, the user’s hands can stay on the starting row, which is beneficial in terms of promptness, efficiency and comfort. With several function modes which can be easily learned, the minimalist layout is more ergonomically designed than traditional keyboards and has attracted many software developers over the past 20 years.

  • Space-saving, fantastic compact design
  • High quality keyboard, highly efficient and accurate keys
  • The design is pretty incredible if you’re a developer.
  • This keyboard is very expensive
  • You may inadvertently press the ESC key while playing.
  • The keyboard is not programmable

WASD CODE 61-Key Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard

The WASD CODE mechanical keyboard represents an outstandingly well made product with a level of workmanship that can compete in terms of its quality compared to other premium keyboards. This keyboard is a combination of premium switches, solid design and impressive detail. In addition, this keyboard offers plenty of extra features which are useful for programmers. These include backlighting and DIP switches that enable you to quickly disable or exchange certain keys or completely switch to an alternate layout. There are different size variations (from 61 to 105 keys) and different switches.

Code V3 Mechanical Keyboard

The CODE keyboard employs Cherry MX mechanical key switches, which are known to be high quality switches. The durability of the switches and their performance is remarkable

WASD CODE can be purchased in a wide variety of configurations: Full or tenkey-less, Cherry MX Brown or Blue Switches. You can choose from four types: Blue, Brown, Green or Clear. Most commonly the MX Blues are the most common type. They are responsive, however, are quiet loud. The MX Browns do looks alike to the Blues, but are slightly quieter. The MX Greens might often been referred to as heavy blue switches.

The keyboard keys feel smooth thanks to the high-quality labels. Perhaps you first notice that the windows keycap is not labeled, though, who cares? CODE includes a 1.8m micro-USB cable with a cable tie that lets you lay the cable in a variety of ways. Although this cable is not braided, this will disappoint a real perfectionist.

Compatible with Mac computers, the CODE Keyboard allows you to activate or deactivate the OS keys with DIP switches as well as toggle the keyboard mode from default mode to Mac mode. Refer to the Owner’s guide or the manuals to learn more.


The WASD Code Keyboard has been designed to be a minimalist keyboard with outstanding support for layout and superior design. It features a adjustable white backlight and NKRO / 6KRO capability.

Not only does this keypad offer the unique sound and tactile feel, it also has a high level of backlighting, which makes these night-time coding sessions a bit easier to perform. In addition, it has media controls available, as well as the option of a numeric keypad and a more compact layout.


WASD Keyboards CODE is a superb no-frills programming keyboard designed for both PC and Mac. The programming keyboard is entirely in black and extremely sturdy. Its design is kept to a minimalist level. Which makes it striking as well as stylish looking. All the key caps have a high-quality, crisp label on the top. It feels real sleek to touch.

In contrast to some high-end keyboards described here, this particular keyboard isn’t constructed out of aluminum, but rather rigid plastic which feels sturdy. You will not experience any bending problems due to strain.

Considering its versatility, not only does this keyboard feature the function key, but also offers you something very special, a DIP switch. This serves to give you configurable hardware-level output.

Is the Apple keyboard good for programming?

Picking the right keyboard is a matter of personal preference of the programmers. If you love coding, the Apple keyboard is suitable for extensive coding usage from the perspective of durability. The best thing is that the keyboard can be plugged-in to a computer like a USB flash drive. It comes with full-size arrow keys which are crucial for the programmers.

The overall design and built-quality of the keyboard are exceptional. Programmers may find that charging and battery backup of the keyboard annoying. So, programming for a long time on this keyboard could be a difficult thing. Apple keyboard does not also belong to the mechanical keyboard category.

Is Magic keyboard good for programming?

Magic keyboard from Apple has been designed to be used in offices for coding and programming. The keyboard features unique and sturdy scissor switches that make the typing experience quite soothing. However, there are some drawbacks too. First of all, the keyboard lacks backlighting. Hence, typing in low light conditions will be difficult.

The minimalist design of the keyboard looks good. But, some people may take time to get accustomed to the design of the keyboard. Some of the keys may not work with Windows or Linux. However, it is compatible with Apple products. The overall quality of the keyboard is good.

Why are mechanical keyboards better for programming?

If you want an enjoyable typing experience, a mechanical keyboard is the best thing for you. A mechanical keyboard is not a new thing. It gives you the feeling of typing on a typewriter. When you type, the keyboard makes beautiful noise of the keys underneath the upper keys. A mechanical keyboard is recommended to those who have extensive use of the keyboard.

For example, a writer can use a mechanical keyboard. Similarly, a programmer or developer can also use a mechanical keyboard. Such keyboards offer exceptional durability and a smooth typing experience. The only problem is that the mechanical keyboard takes a large space. If you want a small and compact keyboard, a mechanical keyboard is not the right option.

Are mechanical keyboards noisy?

A mechanical keyboard offers a better typing experience. You may have typed on the laptops. Since the laptop keyboard is a touch-type keyboard, the typing experience does not become smooth. For beginners, it is difficult to get accustomed to such keyboards. The mechanical keyboard comes with large tall keys, and thus it becomes easier to touch and type on such a keyboard.

When you type something on a mechanical keyboard, it makes a noise like a typewriter. The noise is soothing for most of the users. It does not cause a disturbance in the concentration of writers and programmers. However, many people may not like the noise. They can choose a flat touch-type keyboard.

Is 60 percent keyboard good for programming?

60% keyboard is widely popular among the computer users. You can use this keyboard for both desktop and laptop. The keyboard comes with spacious keys. In modern minimalist keyboard design, space between the keys has been reduced significantly. But, the reduced space leads to problems for many programmers, developers, and gamers.

If you want a keyboard with more space between the keys, a 60% keyboard is a perfect option. Despite being spacious, such a keyboard offers excellent portability. Typing on such a keyboard for a long time would not cause arm strain. Hence, programmers can opt for such a keyboard. It makes the typing experience soothing.

What is a 10 keyless keyboard?

Mechanical switch keyboards have become popular among different kinds of computer users. From programmers to gamers, many people prefer to use a mechanical keyboard for a smooth and enjoyable typing experience. Many people feel that typing on such keyboards for a long time does not cause strain on the wrist and forearm.

Among different types of mechanical keyboards, the ten keyless keyboard is quite popular. In such a keyboard, you do not have a number pad. As a result, the size of the keyboard becomes smaller. Size gets smaller without compromising the traditional design of the keyboard. Programmers do not need the number pad, and thus they would find such a keyboard useful.

What is the CODE keyboard

A CODE keyboard is a combination of a “Coding Horror” Atwood and WASD keyboard. Hence, it can easily be assumed that the keyboard has been developed to give a soothing typing experience to the developers or programmers. A mechanical keyboard is more satisfying than a regular keyboard. The CODE keyboard is also a type of mechanical keyboard that intends further enhancement of the typing experience.

One of the notable features is that such a keyboard comes with a backlight. Hence, coding during traveling would become easy with such a keyboard. Other features include multimedia shortcuts, gaming features, configurable key output, etc. Hence, the keyboard is also good for ardent gamers.

How big is an 87 key keyboard?

An 87-key keyboard is similar to the regular keyboards, but the number pad will not be there. With a missing number pad, the keyboard becomes smaller and smarter. Many people do not use the number pad on the right-hand side. For example, developers and gamers do not use the number pad. Hence, an 87-key keyboard is recommended for them.

Since it is smaller in size, it has been regarded as travel-friendly. The design is sleek and minimalist. Furthermore, there is a backlight so that keys can be visible in low light conditions. An 87-key keyboard is also a mechanical keyboard. Hence, the typing experience becomes smooth with this keyboard.

What are the 3 types of keyboards?

People spend time researching different kinds of computer hardware components and accessories. But, they do not perform enough research before buying a keyboard or mouse. A keyboard is important for everyone, especially for programmers, writers, and gamers. Activities of such people on the computer depending on the keyboard. Hence, the quality of the keyboard has to be an exception.

Buyers should know about different types of keyboards. At present, the mechanical keyboard is highly preferred by many people for a comfortable typing experience. Some people, especially gamers, want a multimedia keyboard. The ergonomic keyboard can be soothing for programmers, as they have to do extensive typing.

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  1. I still love my original K70 RGB. Still feels super solid (not a surprise due to all the metal). Back when I was shopping a year+ ago, I was also looking at that Das Keyboard, but I opted for the Corsair (which meant some waiting for release) because the Das didn’t have a backlight.

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