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Are you looking for the best chair for programmers?

Well, Programmers often spend long hours sitting at a desk, working on their computer. This can lead to discomfort and health problems, such as back pain, neck pain, and poor posture. An ergonomic chair is designed to support the body and promote good posture, which can help prevent these problems.

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair
Steelcase Series 1 Work Chair
NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Chair
Consider for
Superior Comfort
Ergonomic features
Multiple Adjustment Options, Comfortable
Quality, Brand, Durability
Heavy duty, Super longe recline
Few people complains about durability
assembling chair is a bit difficult

An ergonomic chair has features that help it to adapt to the shape and movements of the body. For example, it may have adjustable armrests, a lumbar support that can be adjusted to fit the curve of the lower back, and a seat that can be adjusted for height and depth. These features allow the chair to provide proper support for the body, which can help prevent strain and discomfort.

In addition to providing physical support, an ergonomic chair can also improve the overall ergonomics of the workstation. For example, it may have a built-in footrest that allows the user to keep their feet flat on the ground, which can help to maintain proper posture. It may also have a mechanism that allows the user to adjust the angle and height of the seat, which can help to reduce strain on the wrists and arms.

But how to choose a best coding chair is $100 question. And Here I can help you.

I am a programmer with over a decade of experience and I have suffered from the back pain in the past. So, to all help all fellow coders, I came up with this blog post to share a few ergonomic chair suitable for coding comfortably.

Aren’t you excited? let’s get started.

TOP 10 ERGONOMIC chair for Programmers

Owning a quality coding chair is essential if you care about your health. In fact, having a bad chair can have a very severe effect on your health which often can lead to lower back issues.

Let’s take a look at top 10 best office chair for programmers. If you are looking for comfortable yet affordable chairs, you can count on this chair to keep your bones in a perfect position while working hard doing what you do best.

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair – Is it the best chair for programmers in 2023?

This chair’s salient feature is the backrest. It is tall and ergonomic at the same time with a breathable mesh. This looks great, as well as ensuring that people can easily stay comfortable and remain fresh. Of course, you can adjust this chair to find the best posture and the highest degree of comfort.

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair
Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

Besides, there are plenty of different adjustment options available with this chair. The pneumatic controls will allow you to raise or lower your seat and tilt the backrest back or to sit upright. Precisely, that is what makes this chair is one of the best chairs for programmers who sit many hours at their desks writing and debugging code. 

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Also, the seat height, backrest inclination, the angle of the headrest, the arm rests, and the lumbar support position, amongst many other features can be adjusted. All of these features are designed specifically for workers doing diverse jobs.

When you spend several hours sitting in front of a computer you will start sweating on your back, particularly during the hot summer season. Well, this Duramont ergonomic office chair features a mesh back for perfect breathability so your back doesn’t have to go through that uncomfortable situation.

This affordable work chair has been designed to last. With a 330 LBS weight capacity, it is constructed with the highest quality materials, featuring a soft padded seat, durable armrests and neck rests, and swivel casters for easy mobility across your office floor.

Another special feature of a chair is its 100moneyback guarantee. You can use this chair for 90 days. During this time, if you do not like this chair, then you can also return it. It is good. Isn’t it?

Let’s discuss a few more features of this duramont chair:

why should you consider duramont office chair?

There are many programmers and designers who works at the desk, often suffer from a number of health issues including spinal misalignment, neck pain and herniated disk.

Those problems usually arise from sitting on a low quality chair for longer duration of time. That’s the reason, a high quality ergonomic office chair is essential for everyone who work in front of computer for 8 – 10 hours everyday.

At some point every software developer has to upgrade or even add a new office chair. And when this happens, the vast majority of us are under tight budget constraints.

But which office chair would be the best for you is a sixty-four-thousand-dollar question.

Traditional chairs typically aren’t meant to provide adequate support to particular anatomical areas of your body like your back, neck, legs and hips resulting in aching, discomfort and muscle pain.

An ergonomic office chair not only should have a velvety and cosy seating surface but it should have ergonomically designed backrest and arm support to avoid any health problems.

Finding an office chair with that many features at this price range is the real pain in the neck. Therefore, I would like to tell you that if you are looking for an ergonomic chair at 300 or less price range, then look no further. This chair has everything you need to work comfortably.


  • It has every adjustment to suit you
  • The majority of the parts appear well manufactured.


  • A few users mentioned that a chemical odour came out of the packaging

Steelcase Series 1 Office chair

As a software developer who spends a substantial amount of time in front of a computer coding, designing, and fixing bugs, you are going to need a chair that ensures that your back is comfortable, as well as that your body is relieved of the strain you are undertaking.

With Steelcase’s Series 1 office chair, you have a stylish and innovative option for any workplace. There is no question that this chair is perfect for programmers because of its soft and comfortable fabric cover and its height-adjustable arms.

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Steelcase Series 1 Work Chair Office Chair

WHY Steelcase Series 1 Chair is best for programmers

For anyone looking for a lightweight office chair that is strong and easy to transport, the Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair is the smart choice. The product is made of durable and long lasting materials that are appropriate for any office environment. You can improve your work posture by sitting in the most comfortable position with this chair.

Another reason for considering Steelcase Series 1 chair is due to the Steelcase brand. Steelcase is a company that is considered to be one of the most reputable ergonomic chair manufacturers in the United States. Its ergonomic chairs are typically ranked among the highest quality ergonomic chairs.

The last but not least is the assembly of the chair. It’s crucial to take assembly into consideration when choosing your new office chair. This is because a chair that’s too complicated will both make assembly difficult and increase the risk of one wrong move impacting stability and sturdiness.

You will have no problem assembling this chair. Without the need for tools or special equipment, the chair can be plugged in almost immediately.


  • Lightweight and strong
  • Durable and long lasting material
  • Easily portable for any office
  • Provides perfect posture for work


  • Price tag

Nouhaus Ergo 3D Office chair

This Nouhaus Ergo 3D Ergonomic Office Chair is the smart choice for programmers looking for an ergonomic office chair with high value. Featuring high-quality materials and a variety of features to provide a reasonable level of comfort, this chair is made from top-quality materials.

With its mesh-style design and thoughtful ergonomics, the Nouhaus Ergo 3D Ergonomic Office Chair gives you support where you need it most. That’s the reason my top recommendations for ergonomic office chairs include it.

Nouhaus says that the Ergo 3D Office Chair is more than ergonomic; it fits you and your life. Although that sounds like just another sales pitch hyperbole, the Ergo 3D is one genuinely comfortable chair.

nouhaus ergo 3d office chair

WHY should you consider nouhaus ergo 3d office chair?

For those looking for ergonomically designed office chairs, check out the Nouhaus Ergo 3D Ergonomic Office Chair. Durable materials make this chair long-lasting. This is an amazing and stylish chair that you can use every day.


  • The weight limit is 275 pounds, which is quite impressive.
  • Mesh material that is breathable.
  • Armrests with 4D technology
  • Easily adjustable headrest.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty, if that’s important to you.
  • The best mesh programming chair on our list


  • lumbar support isn’t adjustable
  • difficult assembly process

SIHOO Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

The SIHOO ergonomic chair is another best office chair for programmers without cost you an arm and leg, this office chair will make you working from home more comfier. This programming chair looks elegant in any office and comes with plenty of essential ergonomic features such as adjustable lumbar support, mesh backrest, etc.

While the Sihoo ergonomic office chair is pretty reminiscent of the majority of mesh options you will probably find on the market, its high quality and affordable design ensures that the Sihoo office chair delivers way more than it’s worth.

 SIHOO Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
SIHOO Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair for Programmers

The SIHOO office chair boasts a classic office chair look but with an appealing appearance. From the front, the chair’s outline looks sleek and elegant while the main body of the chair has a natural looking curvature. This chair’s black color looks typical of office chairs belonging to this class. This means you can expect it to work well for a typical office setup and practically any place you might need it for in your home.

The Sihoo’s lumbar support can be adjusted in height and depth. Coupled with a swivel headrest, in this way it ensures the best possible fit for your body. Another important feature of the Sihoo is that this chair is recommended by the Ergonomic Applications Association, which means this chair will be more comfortable than other chairs.

A one-year warranty period on the chair is beneficial as well. In addition, it is easy to assemble with everything needed in the box to quickly configure the chair, so you don’t need special expertise to do this.

Obviously, not all customers agree on the ergonomics of this chair. We have some shorter users who have struggled with the angle of the lower back area and said it was not helping their back. Some taller users had trouble adjusting the height.

PROS and CONS of SIHOO office chair


  • Affordable chair
  • Sized to fit most office chairs
  • Ergonomic design for a more natural posture


  • Assembly instructions has to be more clear and precise.

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

If you are looking for the right office chair for coding comfortably, don’t look any further. The Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair provides the most comfortable seating available if budget is not an issue.

This chair is neither too expensive nor too cheap. Ergohuman is a midrangesuperadjustable chair available in the market.

The Ergohuman office chair measures 26 x 27.5 x 51 inches and weight 64 pounds. These office chairs are available in multiple colors such as Black, Blue, Green, Copper, etc.

Before going further, let’s take a look at the features of the Ergohuman Chair.

Ergohuman comes with an option to adjust the heightback angle, and seat depth so that you can work hours in front of computers without any back pain.

This chair has 3 position tiltlock which enables users to set the chair in a variety of fixed positions. Moreover, the pneumatic cylinders allow the user to lower or raise the chair quickly with the least force.

Finally, If you want an ergonomic chair with mesh back under 800 dollars, then I think it is worth to take a look at Ergohum office chair.

HOW DO I ADJUST MY ERGOHUMAN CHAIR for coding comfortably?

As I have already told you that Ergohuman Chairs comes with a lot of adjustment options such as adjustable height, back angle adjustment, etc.

However, how to adjust ergohuman chairs would be out of scope for this article. But, I have found in my research that there are already many video tutorials available on YouTube which will help you to adjust the chair.

If you are unable to find it, then let me know in the comment section. I’ll help you to find a guide to adjust your ergohuman chair.

Steelcase Leap Chair – Is it good chair for programmers?

Talking about Steelcase products we know straight away that we’re talking about quality and premium ergonomic office chairs.

Pricier yet extremely comfortable, the Steelcase Leap Chair is a brilliant choice for anyone who spends long hours in front of the computer. If you do not want to buy expensive Herman Miller chairs, then you can also take a look at this chair from Steelcase company.

Steelcase Leap Chair
Steelcase Leap Chair

Steelcase chairs are very popular and used in many companies. It designed to be comfortable for programmers and data scientists. One interesting fact about Steelcase Leap chair is they are up to 98% recyclable by weight which is good for the planet. Isn’t it?

A few important features of Steelcase Leap chair are Liveback that provides stable support to your back, adjustable lumber to sit comfortably, and adjustable arms.

Furthermore, this chair is available in many color options Burgundy, Black, Blue, Cyan, etc.


The Steelcase leap chair comes in two variants. One is v1 and another one is v2. As the name suggests v2 is the advanced version of v1 which was initially released in 1999. As far as price is concerned, Steelcase leap chair v1 is a little cheaper than v2.


As we already discussed in the above section, v2 is the upgraded version of v1. However, what are the actual differences between Steelcase leap v1 and v2?

One of the major differences between the two versions is the armrest. Although v1’s armrests were durable and comfortable, v2’s arms are more stylishadjustable (front and back), and more comfortable.

Moreover, the back design is also a major change in Steelcase Leap v2. The Leap v1 doesn’t have adjustable lumbar support whereas v2 comes with adjustable lumbar support which is very useful for programmers or someone who spend 40+ hours in a week at the front of a computer.

Last but not the least, if you are looking for the best chair for programmers, then you can give a try to Steelcase leap chair for comfortable coding experience.

PROS and CONS of steelcase leap office chair


  • Liveback technology supporting unique spine shape of every user
  • With the Natural Glide mechanism, you can recline comfortably on the Leap chair with no strain on your legs, eyes or neck.


  • You pay for what you get. This chair is little pricier.
  • Back height adjustment is missing

Steelcase Gesture Ergonomic Chair – is it Best Chair For CTO’s?

Ironically, the Steelcase Gesture is perhaps the best chair for programmers available in the market these days. It extend you all the features you might expect you would need or desire in a chair for the home office or the workplace alike.

With Steelcase Gesture, a new industry standard has been defined. It was inspired by a rigorous worldwide survey involving more than two thousand participants across 11 countries to design a chair that would support a broad spectrum of different technologies, postures and sizes – all of which make Steelcase Gesture an ideal fit for the home office and workplace.

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair
Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

In terms of build quality, ease-of-assembly and the overall high quality of materials, the Steelcase Gesture scored perfect marks. Their lifetime warranty also earned them high marks. The one pleasant and surprising aspect is that the chairs come totally assembled.

Yes, admittedly, while the box will be quite huge and may might be difficult to carry. however, it is a small price to pay for the chair which you know has been proficiently pre-assembled right out of the box.

There are plenty of different adjustments available in the chair that are designed specifically for taller people. Some of those are height adjustable headrests to accommodate a wider range of users, high-tech armrests which move like human arms to offer support in a variety of positions. Moreover, these adjustments are highly intuitive and effortless to perform on the fly.

Also, with 3D LiveBack technology, the gestures adapt to and mimic the natural behavior of the spine by outlining all posture.

There are three different heights available for the chair. If you really tall, you may want to opt for the taller range of heights. It can support a weight of up to 400 pounds, its pliable back will conform with your posture, & it just has numerous adjustments included to help you dial in a good fit. It comes in twelve colors to suit any space or work environment. The only issue I have is that I would like to have a little more clarity in adjusting the height of the lumbar support.



  • The elegant appearance will look fantastic anywhere in your office.
  • High quality and reliability
  • It is shipped completely assembled with a 12 year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Some consumers might feel that a higher cost is too expensive for them to afford.

Amazon Basics High-Back affordable office chair

This chair is the best chair for programmers under 200 and it is highly suitable for those who want a decent chair for coding or studying. And if you are a computer science student who works in front of the computer for 2-3 hours every day, then this chair would be a good choice for you.

Amazon Basics High-Back affordable office chair
Amazon Basics High-Back affordable office chair

Get the latest price and updated reviews of AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Chair >>>

The AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Chair is one of the most purchased office chairs on the market and users are steadily purchasing it because of the two reasons.

The first reason is its price tag which is very affordable while the second is its features that’ll let you work comfortably. For the study, I believe this chair is the best.

If you have a budget of 100-200 dollars, then you can buy this chair and you can save the remaining money to upgrade your mouse or keyboard which are essential for your productivity while setting up your work environment.

Amazon Basics High-Back office chair features

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Chair comes with three color options and it can support up to 275 pounds weight. This chair measure 30.7 x 27.6 x 45.1 inches and weight 35.3 pounds.

AmazonBasics executive chair is a good value at $100 and it will surely help you to increase your productivity. It is one of Amazon’s best-selling chairs, with a score of more than four stars out of five thousand buyers.

If you don’t want to spend over $150 but at the same time you don’t want to compromise with the comfort then AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office chair would be an ideal option for you.

This chair has many useful features such as an option to adjust the height, nylon casters that swivel 360 degrees, etc.

PROS AND CONS OF Amazon Basics High-Back office chair


  • Bonded Leather and PVC Upholstery
  • Cushioned seat and back
  • Pneumatic Seat-Height Adjustment


  • Limited ergonomic adjustment options

Boss Office Products Mesh Back Task Chair

An ideal office employee spends more time sitting on a chair than in bed during the work day. Taking into account that people spend about one third their life in sleep on average, this implies our task chair should be among the most essential furniture pieces we can have in our lives.

The task chair is an affordable and efficient way to ensure a unified and professional look to an office space. Task chairs are engineered to fit underneath the desk, not like large executive type office chairs.

They can swivel as well, enabling you to reaching more around you. The task chair is also designed to remain both basic and simplistic, and are created specifically for a number of varying kinds of users. The height adjustability is just one of those essential features.

The Boss Meshback Task Chair is extremely nicely made in terms of design and has a size of 25 x 23.2 x 42 inches and it weighs approximately 27.2 pounds. A very unique material being used for this chair is the black leather plus with cushion on the seat along with the use of breathable mesh for the backrest. Both the black leather and the seats are very well decorated to ensure long lasting endurance.

The pneumatic gas lift seat height adjustment feature of this task chair is provided for various kinds of users. One more customisable feature is its Adjustable Tilt Tension Control. This enables you to discover the most suitable optimal angle for your utmost comfort.

Assembling the Boss Mesh Back Task Chair is quite effortless since all you require is already in the packaging, which makes the Boss Mesh Back Task Chair worth every penny you spend.

PROS and CONS of Boss Office Products Mesh Back Task Chair


  • A breathable mesh fabric seat
  • Height-adjustable armrests
  • The height of the pneumatic gas lift seat can be easily controlled by the user.


  • Hard to disassemble

Gtracing Gaming Chair For Coding

The Gtracing Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Ergonomic Video Game Chair is comfortable and designed perfectly for gamers or office use. This gaming chair is aiming to improve your gaming experience as well as long term sitting in-office experience.

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Footrest Speakers
GTRACING Gaming Chair with Footrest Speakers

The design of this Gtracing Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Ergonomic Video Game Chair is ergonomic with strong metal frames, which helps promote comfortable seating position every time.

This ergonomic video game chair has a lockable tilt, which allows you to sit still or reclines up to 170-degrees according to your comfort and needs. It is easy to set your chair at an angle then lock it to still be at that position for your comfortable position.

This ergonomic video game chair supports user weight up to 330 pounds. This chair’s dimension is enough for a tall and big person, and he will easily find a good fit with the steep cushions.

This Gtracing Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Ergonomic Video Game Chair is made from smooth and high-quality PU leather with added seat cushions.

These lumbar & headrest pillows offer added support and comfort to all its users. This ergonomic video game chair has s heavy-duty base with nylon smooth-rolling casters, which gives you excellent stability and mobility. Like any other gaming chairs, this chair is accommodating. This ergonomic video game chair comes in two color shades, the majority of the PU leather parts are in black, and some parts are trimmed with pop red color. 

WHY to conside Gtracing Gaming Chair

This Gtracing Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Ergonomic Video Game Chair comes with an adjustable armrest and seat height Armrest. This ergonomic video game chair has a 90°-170°reclining option with a 360° rotation swirl. You can remove the headrest pillow and lumbar cushion according to your comfort. 

Varier Variable Balans Kneeling Chair – best kneeling chair for programmers

The Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair has a unique design, and its functionality makes it different from other chairs and recognisable every time.

This kneeling chair allows many variations and encourages subtle movements. This chair also allows shifting between positions and balancing ideal positions according to your body.

This Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair was first introduced in 1979 at a Scandinavian furniture fair in Copenhagen. Even then, the gentle angular motion and open-angle sitting posture had remained constant throughout these years.

Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair
Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair

This chair is one of the prototypes derived from balans concept. This Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair had continued to provide a different and unparallelly comfortable sitting experience that is never static.

Variable Kneeling Chair comes with a creative design using solid woods, and all the wooden parts are flexible and robust at the same time. This high quality Kneeling Chair is designed as an open construction and is free of mechanical adjustment parts.

This ergonomic Kneeling Chair is very lightweight and can be moved around easily. It is made from beech plywood, top quality, and tested through an iterative molding process.

The plywood used in this chair is covered with natural ash top veneer, which gives it a beautiful finish. This Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair can be fixed nicely with all the interiors, best fits when paired with a desk.

tips on choosing best chair for programming

In this guide to find the best chair for programmers, I’ll cover what an ergonomic office chair is, its characteristics, what to look when buying an office chair for coding comfortably, and I’ll try to answer all your frequently asked questions about it.

But first, let me tell you why an ergonomic chair is essential for all professionals. In this fast-paced and competitive world, it is a common fact that people have barely sufficient time to care about themselves at home.

We are required to be in the office and do our work for at least 8 – 10 hours each day. When the office is not equipped with adequate facilities and furniture for the staff, the workers may suffer from severe health issues.

If you are someone who usually suffers from pain (in the back, shoulders, and neck) by the end of the working day, you might have to replace the chair you are using at work.

Being in the same sitting position while working puts extra pressure on your spine. For this reason, it is important to use a comfortable work chair.

An ergonomically designed chair is entirely different than a traditional chair. They are specifically engineered for the complete relief and relaxation of the body’s main structures which are easily stressed during work.

When it comes to the benefits of an ergonomic office chair: Well there is more than just one! Now let’s take a closer look at them…

Things you should know before buying the coding chairs

Today the best chair for programmers are available in all types of styles, designs, and colors. A few will come with adjustable headrest, and a few will come with stylish leather cushions.

How to choose the best Chair For Programmers

A few are available under $100, and a few are above $1000. It is not necessary that a $100 chair is the worst one. Same time it is not necessary that $1500 chair is the best available ergonomic chair in the world.

Therefore, it is essential to decide the budget, required features, and other aspects before taking a look at the list of best chairs. This will help you to filter out many chairs which are not suitable for you.

all about ergonomics

Each chair comes with a few different features. Some chairs have headrests some don’t. A few chairs come with a mesh back and some have adjustable armrests. A few of the chairs cost 1000 or more and some are available for 200 or 300.

But, finalizing a good ergonomic chair entirely depends on your budget, body type (height, weight, etc), and other requirements.

So, let’s discuss a few key points for choosing the right chair for a software developer.

Height: We recommend you to use a chair which has a perfect mechanism to adjust the height of the chair. Before you purchase the chair, make sure you sit on it and ensure your feet lie on the floor whilst your knees are at 90°.

Adaptable: All individual components in the chair need to be adjustable to adapt with your body. The armrest, backrest, lumbar support, seat height and headrest have to be adjustable freely from each other.

Lower back support: The backrest should be comfortable for supporting the upper and lower back. It must properly support your natural back curve.

Lumbar support: It is important to have lumbar support since our lower back curves inward so the chair that you choose has to precisely adjust to this curve for comfort.

The size of the chair: While a chair that is too small will be uncomfortable, an oversized chair will also not be healthy. An ideal chair would be one inch wider than your hips.

Seat cushions: The cushion of the chair should be of excellent quality for ensuring that it can withstand your weight during long working hours. When the foam gets damaged, they will make sitting cumbersome.

Tilt Mechanism: You have to have the capability to tilt the chair’s back. That is useful when you sit for long hours in a stretch and you want to relieve strain on your back, you can recline the chair in order to rest your back.

This is not an extensive list, only an honest endeavor to note down the most important characteristics that you will need to check.

Keep in mind that before purchasing, you should always test the chair in person, otherwise if it is not possible, then still you can purchase the good ergonomic chair and try. You can always return them if they are not suitable for you.

What is the best chair for sitting all day?

Many people ask this question or a similar question: What is the best chair for programmers?. I always politely tell them.

Sorry, but I am unable to answer this question in just one line. The reason is simple. I can’t recommend an $1200 chair to a student. That’s the reason I tried to include a few best chairs in the different price ranges.

For example, if a budget is not a constraint you can go with Herman Miller Embody or Aeron. If you are a Steelcase fan, then you have an option to purchase a Steelcase leap chair.

Similarly, If you want the best chair for programmers under $300, then look no further and buy the Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair. Moreover, if you don’t want to spend over $100 then you can buy AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Chair which is the best chair for programmers under $100 price range.

I believe, now you are clear. First, set a budget and then recheck my list. I am sure that you will find the best product available on the market.

Does the ergonomic office chair pay off?

There is a saying: Health is Wealth.

Let me tell you the facts, choosing the perfect chair to fit your body will be the most vital decision you will ever make through your professional career. Remember, sitting on a bad chair is like the smoking which can be as problematic over the long period of time.

Putting number of hours each day coding and sitting in the front of laptop can cause serious health problems, as mentioned above.

So, It is good to spend a few extra dollars on a comfy chair. If you are a serious programmer who loves the coding, and is aware that in the future you will still be writing code, than you should invest in a professional chair to avoid any back problems. That makes sense. Isn’t it?

Finally, let me tell you my example. I become very productive when I am well. However, when I am not feeling well, I can’t focus on work no matter how much I try to focus.

The same is true with the chair. If your chair is not comfortable, you can’t focus on your work. That’s the reason I always say that en ergonomic chair is not a luxury option but a necessity to work comfortably for 8-10 hours every day.


Well, it is difficult to pick one best chair for programmers. It depends on how much money you willing to spend and what features you want.

The Steelcase Gesture Office Chair is the best if you can spend $1000+. However, I would recommend the Duramont ergonomic adjustable office chair that has all the required features with a medium-range price.

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