10 Best gift ideas for programmers in 2022

Best Gifts For Programmers

What would be the best gift ideas for programmers in 2022?

There are a huge number of gift options for everyone. But when it comes to giving gifts to those who love coding, it can be really confusing and time consuming as programmers tend to be strange about their choices.

Here I can help you.

This busy coder guide 🙂 will help you to find the best gift for programmers.

This article is going to help you as a guide to your gift ideas for techies. Here we have created a bunch of options for tech lovers, and coders. 

However, everyone has their individual likes and dislikes. You can select your gift according to your budget. There are gifts available in all the price ranges.

You can select your gift in high price ranges as well as in low price ranges. We have created this list to make your work easy, and you can get one of the best ideas about the gift for programmers.

If you cover this gift guide, no matter for whom you are buying the gift, you will be able to find cool gift ideas for programmers or tech lovers. 

Moreover, in this pandemic era, when everyone wants everything online, and these gift ideas are also available online. You can get these gifts on online websites such as Amazon, Walmart, etc.

To get the right gift idea, have a look at these cool products listed below and select based on your budget and preference.

Let’s get started.

Gifts for Programmers

Udemy Course – Are they Best Gifts for Computer Programmers

Udemy courses are the best gift especially for those who are at the learning stage. The Udemy courses are the best ideas for coders as many of them are quality courses with affordable price range.

The majority courses at udemy courses are available under $10, which means you have to pay just $10 for these courses, and also you can get the coupon to get further discount.

The courses are divided into four different categories as Development, Marketing, Business, and IT & Software. You can select courses according to the preference of those whom you wanted to give these courses as a gift.

Pick a course which has high rating and instructor has rich experience in the field.

Gifting Programming Books

There are various different types of books available in the market or online for programmers, which can help coders to enhance their skills and guide them for their best choices.

These gift ideas are great as well as helpful for the programmers who are going to love these books.

You can get these books on Amazon with a reasonable price range, and these price ranges are affordable too. Some of these books are mentioned here. Have a look at these choices:

The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide

best gifts for programmers
The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide

Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide is an excellent option for gift ideas for programmers. This book is for the programmers who are looking to expand and enhance their career in their field and in the upcoming year.

This is an interesting book which gives real-world advice and is a great guide to help the programmers get a new chance, a new job, or enhance their current position

Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual

This is the first book published by John Sonmez to help the programmers to improve their soft skills in their real-life, which helps them to improve their career as programmers.

This is a perfect gift idea for programmers who want to learn how to communicate better, develop soft skills in their lives, be more considerate, and want to live a more fulfilling life and career ahead in their lives.

Any programmers have the technical skill, but when it comes to soft skills, most of the programmers lack this one, so this book is beneficial for the programmers. This book is the best gift idea for programmers who want to develop their soft skills in their life. 

The Head First books

The Head First book is a series of books covering many topics and published by O’Reilly Media. This series of books covers topics related to programming and software engineering.

The Head First books are well known for their visually rich format and are created to be easily understood in how programmers mind works.

In this 2nd edition update for the series of Head First Design Patterns, the programmer will get to learn the designing software skills and many more when it comes to having skills related to programming and technical skills. You can get the book on Amazon easily.

Cracking the Coding Interview

If any programmers are planning to change their job, this book is best for those programmers. Cracking the coding interview has the best content about coding interviews.

This is a well informative book that helps you through the interview process, teaching you what you actually need to know and how to enable you to perform at your very best during your interview process.

This book helped 100’s of software engineers, and they reviewed this book as the best book for coding interviews. This book contains 189 programming interview questions, which range from basics to the trickiest ones. So these books are the most useful and best book for those who are planning to change or get a job and therefore this book is the best option for gift ideas for such programmers. 

Remote Work: Book named “Get a Job or Make a Career Working From Home”

Remote work book is published after work from the home trend. The book helps those programmers who wanted to get a job during this pandemic era.

This is the book which is helping those programmers who are willing to work remotely. This book is the best choice for those programmers who are willing to work remotely and help them get such jobs. So this is the best choice for gift ideas for such programmers. 

An Eternal Golden Braid

This is a book by Douglas Hofstadter, not a technical programmer’s book. But these books are loved by the programmers as it concerned directly with the nature of maps and links between formal systems. As tech-lovers, most of the programmers loved this book. This is also the most significant gift ideas for those programmers who love books of coding connections. 

laptop stickers for software developers

As a tech lover and a programmer, one of the favorite things of programmers is their laptop. So decorating their laptop is one of the best things they are doing.

laptop stickers for programmers
Laptop Stickers For Programmers

Laptop stickers are the most lovely thing for the programmers. This product is available on Amazon, which contains a bunch of 50 stickers of popular languages such as MongoDB, Hadoop, XML, and many more.

All of these stickers are made of high quality and have sun protection features, and also they are waterproof. The programmers love these stickers and stick their favorite one on their laptops and Macbooks.

Programmer t shirts

There are a variety of t shirts with digital prints on them, and these t-shirts are loved by the programmers.

programmer t shirt
Programmer t shirts

One such T-shirt is the Blue Screen of Death Unisex T-shirt, available on Amazon. This is a unisex T-shirt and is the best option for programmers lovers and programmers. This is also the best option for gift ideas for programmers. 

Home & Office Timer with Clock

The programmers who sometimes need a little longer time to work on their project will love this product, and this is the best option to give these clocks to the programmers.

These clocks are mostly divided into 4 intervals, 15 minutes each, and this is an excellent timer for every programmer who loves Pomodoro. They will enjoy this clock and also get a time interval to help in completing their projects.

This timer is a stylish and innovative digital desk timer with a clock. This gives a decorative idea as well as gives a timer for project completion. This timer simply works as a stopwatch also. This timer with a clock is also the best option for gift ideas for programmers. 

Mugs for Programmers – Best Birthday Gift For Programmer Boyfriend

The programmers, during their work, mostly drink or eat something. So mugs are some great ideas for programmers. You can choose from a variety of mugs present online or offline. Here Are some of the programmer lovers mugs :

Viking Stainless Steel Skull Mug

This mug with a skull tankard could be a great gift for your tech lover or a programmer friend who loves skulls. This is a high-quality cold cast resin tankard with stainless steel skull mug, and it is an excellent option for gift ideas for programmers. 

Magic Heat Changing Coffee Mug

This Magic heat changing coffee mug allows programmers to keep track of the coffee temperature. This coffee mug is heat activated, so when the morph mug battery gets hotter, its energy level increases. The product is suitable for every programmer and tech lover. This mug is heat sensitive and a color-changing mug, which gives a fancy effect during working. This is also a better option for gift ideas for programmers. 

Eat Sleep Code – Programmer Coffee Mug

This Eat Sleep Code programmer Coffee Mug is another best option for gift ideas for programmers and can be gifted to tech lovers. This mug is a high-quality ceramic mug that is microwave and dishwasher safe. This is a good option for gift ideas for programmers. 

Programmer Nutrition Facts – Glass Coffee Mug

These Programmer Nutrition Facts: Glass Coffee Mug is also a great option for gift ideas for programmers. This glass coffee mug is made of the highest-standard clear glass for outstanding durability and is best in its looks and quality. This coffee mug keeps your coffee and tea hot for a longer time. This is also a good option for gift ideas for programmers. option

Keyboards for Programmers

Programmers spend most of their time on laptops, and they will love to receive some unique gifts which can be used for their computers. For this keyboard is one of the best options. They love working on uniquely designed keyboards. So keyboards are one of the best gift ideas for programmers you can give. Here are some excellent keyboards mentioned for gifting:

Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard

 Programmers always love a smart keyboard. This ergonomic keyboard is a perfect and suitable option for gift ideas for programmers. They spend most of the time in front of their laptop, and this one is the best option for them. This mug is one of the very best options for gift ideas for programmers. This is available on Amazon. This product costs approx $330. This product is designed to be plug to play on most of the major operating systems. 

Das Keyboard 4 Professional with Cherry MX Brown Switches

Another option for uniquely designed keyboards is this Das Keyboard 4, Professional, with Cherry MX Brown Switches keyboard. This is a traditional keyboard, loved by those who prefer the traditional style. This is also the best gift option for programmers. This costs around $ 170.00 on Amazon. 

Anker Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

This Anker Wireless Vertical Optical Mouse is very unique in that its design and it offers neutral “handshake” wrist and the arm positions for smoother movement, and it gives a unique feeling during Its use. It’s DPI Resolution Optical tracking technology that provides better sensitivity, and also its quality is better than any standard optical mouse which everyone uses. The mouse consists of Five buttons, which offer better control over your computer’s systems for dragging and dropping of icons or it makes you enjoy using it. This mouse is also one of the best gift ideas for programmers. The price of this Anker Wireless Vertical Optical Mouse is approx $20 and is available on Amazon. 

OrgaNic Hourglass Sand Timer

This OrgaNic Hourglass Sand Timer is specially designed for those who want to track the time of the works. This sand timer looks elegant and stylish, due to which programmers love to have this for their display tables. It helps the programmers to measure their progress, and they can also prevent any burnout with time out. Programmers can easily break down their work into efficient intervals. This timer is also the best option for gift ideas for programmers. You can get these sand timers on Amazon for under 30 dollars. You can get these items from Amazon after checking the reviews of the products. 

Headphone for Programmers

Audio-Technica Professional Studio Monitor Headphones:

Techies always love tech-related things. They love headphones which are very useful for them and at the same time when it looks stylish then they loved it. Audio-Technical ATH-M50x professional studio monitor headphones are stylish headphones that offer exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range with deep, accurate bass response. These headphones have features like one-ear monitoring and a 90 ° swiveling earcups, which gives a professional-grade earpad to your ears. This headphone is available in almost every colours black, blue, red, white, and gunmetal on Amazon for under $150. You can give these headphones to programmers, and they will definitely love these headphones. This is the best option for gift ideas for programmers. 

Monitor for Software Developers

HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch IPS LED HDMI VGA Monitor:

This HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch IPS LED HDMI VGA Monitor is crisp, and the clear picture quality you crave at an unbelievable value with this flat panel display. This HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch IPS LED HDMI VGA Monitor comes with stylish features that programmers have come to expect; it’s also a user-friendly design that elevates all programmer’s favorite content, whether you’re browsing on the web or streaming the latest entertainment for the programmers. This one is one of the best options for gift ideas for programmers on a high budget. This product is available on Amazon for under $ 100. You can get these on Amazon after checking the reviews. 

Creative Market gift card

Creative Market gift card

These gift card ideas are useful for your programmer friend. If you don’t know what the programmers like, then you can get some gift cards for them from which they can get what they want for themselves.

People can use these gift cards to get the ready-to-use design assets they will need for their creative/development projects, e.g., fonts, icons, graphics, courses, mockups, and many more things. These gift cards are available in different ranges such as $20, $30, $50, $100, and more above these. 


The gift mentioned above ideas is the best option for tech lovers and your programmer friend who loves coding and technology.

You can select from the gift as mentioned above items for programmers’ gift ideas according to your budget. There are more gift items, such as Giving a Macbook if you have a high range for gifting ideas to programmers.

But if you have a low range, you can consider the gift as mentioned earlier items. These items are rated best as gifting items or best gift ideas for the programmers. Before buying these products, always check the review of the products and their ratings also. 

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