Office Chairs

Most comfortable office chair – comfy computer desk chair for study and work

Most comfortable office chair

No matter whether in the office, school or home, it is the fact that many people spend the vast majority of their day working in a sitting position. Due to this there is a growing amount of reports as well as a significant drop of reports about employee happiness and job satisfaction. There are plenty …

Office Chairs

Best Chair for Programmers in 2021 for Programming Comfortably

Are you looking for the best chair for programmers? Well, it is quite obvious that many computer programmers often burn the candle at both ends to finish the project. If you are such a software developer who spend an enormous amount of time in front of a computer, then you need an office chair which …

Java Multithreading Tutorial With Example

How to detect and avoid deadlock in Java with example

deadlock in java

This guide will help you understand the deadlock concept in Java. We will also take a look at ways to detect and avoid deadlock in Java using a few examples. What you will learn: – What is a deadlock in Java? – Deadlock example – How to detect a deadlock using an example. – Best …

Java Multithreading Tutorial With Example

ExecutorService in Java with Example

ExecutorService in Java

This guide will help you understand the thread pool concept. In this tutorial, we will create a thread pool using the executor service and the thread pool executor. I will also show you how to create a single thread executor using executors class. What you will learn – What is the Executor Service? – Difference …

Java Multithreading Tutorial With Example

Race Condition – Synchronized Java Example

In this article, we discuss what is the race condition and critical section in Java, and how to prevent race condition using synchronized keyword using a few examples. You will learn: – What are Race Conditions and Critical Section? – How to prevent Race Conditions in Java? – What is synchronization in Java and how …